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Being Churlish

Derogatory is the new me

Impudent is the new way i am in use to nurse

Excruciating r the words which i use

Stinging is the new way i am in use to serve

Defeatist is the novel notion i have

This manifest’s ramifications of traumatic event is always gut-wrenching.




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Is it real?

My anxiety was developing,

My heart beat was increasing,

I could feel the level of stress,

I could sense the feeling of cheerfulness.

Within a moment my relationship took another level,

A kid to be my best friend,

Whose activities will have the soothing consequences,

Whose playful nature will be in my optics,

It will be the new twinkle little star,

The gem of the gen to be wonder,

It will make everyone ponder,

It will be silver lining to my conviction,

Cookie of my fascination.

The moment of joy doubled once he called me aunt,

I couldn’t stop myself from hugging him,

I couldn’t stop myself from kissing him,

I felt as if my night’s halted,

I wanted to run, jump, dance without any rest,

I felt like talking to all non-stop,

I felt like not listening to anyone at all.

I wanted to break all the rules,

I wanted to do what I loved the most,

I felt as if I have touched the coast,

The feeling of joy was so plentiful,

The moments was so ideal,

That I quizzed myself, it to be real.


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Acid Strom

The moment it was casted on me,
The fire of it burnt me, i was so lost that i had no option than to carry the pain,
The scar it gave was so worse that i couldn’t profile my face.

They thought this event will silent me
This incident will lose me,
This storm was thought by them to grant the darkness to me,
I was shattered to visualise their sympathy which turned to nestle me.

It was major episode which made me grasp,
My identity is not through my face,
My appearance cannot affect my dreams,
The imaginations, mannerisms, attributes i have are unique,
Makes me reserved for being special and an unusual treat.


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I was lacerated when it was a no from her,
My imaginations were wounded when it was a no from her,
I retired from all my sweats to woo her yearnings,
Afterall to content was my only endorsement to her.


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Your omission from life has plugged me out,
Your adieu from life has hushed me,
I wanted you to be perinnial,
But you chose to be provisional,
You echoed in my veins,
You submerged in me that I can’t abandon you,
Your trance was so deep that
I was ever in hangover of you.